Boca Raton, FL. June 2019 – 4Ever Young might be the only preventative health facility that encourages
getting old, as their philosophy is to enhance and maintain the quality of life for its patients through
proactive health care. By applying hyper-accurate diagnostic methods to discover the root cause of
energy deficiencies from age-related symptoms, 4Ever Young effectively remedies every issue with
modern anti-aging science. Because every patient is thoroughly evaluated (an hour-long process!), they
receive a road map for their future that includes a multi-faceted treatment tailored to their lifestyles.

4Ever Young can address any issues accompanied with aging through cutting-edge preventative health,
wellness, and aesthetic services. We specialize in:

• Hormone Replacement Therapy
• IV Vitamin Therapy
• Neutraceuticals
• Medical Weight Loss
• Dermal Fillers
• PRP for skin, hair and joints

None of these treatments would be as effective without 4Ever Young’s comprehensive blood testing,
measuring the fullest range of biomarkers in the market. An extensive blood panel is vital to a flawless
diagnosis, making our blood tests the foundation to 4Ever Young’s success. For only $99, our medical
experts synthesize your blood work with evaluations to create a comprehensive 4Ever Health Profile,
which we guide patients through with lifestyle recommendations.

Franchising a 4Ever Young facility requires an initial investment from $237,900 to $398,400, depending
on the location. Expenses cover a one-time franchise fee, medical equipment, property leases, licensing,
renovations, and a POS system among other business necessities.

4Ever Young provides franchisees with a detailed training program composed of 40 hours of classroom
training and and 40 hours of on-site training at our Boca-Raton headquarters. You and your staff will
have complete access to an executive team along with our operational manuals as an on-going
reference to assist with day-to-day procedures.

Because of increased awareness towards medicine and health, the wellness industry is booming, with
the global hormone replacement therapy market expected to reach $28.4 billion by 2022. In addition to
this, the U.S. weight loss market it now worth a record $66 billion as 70% of Americans are overweight.
If you’re passionate about providing your community with a center to enhance their health and
lifestyles, call Franchise Creators to get started on franchising a 4Ever Young facility.