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Lake Forest, CA. June 2019 – Areteem Intelligence Planet is a California-based network of prestigious private education centers where K-12 students of all levels are invited to study in-depth math skills and conduct project-based learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. Founded in 2004 by Dr. Kevin Wang and Ms. Kelly Ren, their goal was to provide gifted students with a comprehensive, easy-to-grasp training in STEM subjects. The foundation of Areteem Intelligence Planet learning centers is the mathematics learning package, which includes materials to connect with age appropriate school curriculum, solidify conceptual understanding, and extend to develop problem solving skills applicable to the real world. In addition to our integral math courses, our project based learning packages for STEM subjects is effective at evoking profound interest from students. Their endeavors are supported via hands-on lesson plans that simulate real world applications, producing tangible results.

Our mission is for our program to be accessible and inclusive for all children, especially in urban and
rural communities, where access to a high-quality education in math and science is often out of reach.
The Areteem Intelligence Planet faculty consists of certified teachers and professors qualified to teach
their courses, including the various academic programs that are offered. Areteem has received national
and international acclaim for their successful methods in teaching both teachers and students alike.
Because our program is ideal for students who strive to win math competitions and science fairs,
hundreds of Areteem participants have achieved top honors and top awards in major national and
international competitions. Areteem alumni have graduated high school with flying colors, earning
admission to elite universities such as MIT, Harvard, and Yale that pave an effective road for massive
success in the career fields our students are passionate about.

You don’t need a high level math degree to own an Areteem franchise – just a passion for expanding the
minds of our youth to provide a brighter future via innovative learning and development curriculums.
Joining our team requires an initial investment fee that runs from $81,750 to $133,700, depending on
the location. The investment covers a one-time franchise fee, the rights to utilize our brand and
curriculum, preliminary inventory, property leases, and other business necessities.

As an Areteem franchisee, you will receive 60 hours of classroom training at our California headquarters
and 20 hours of on-the-job training. Our program encompasses general operations, marketing
strategies, bookkeeping, and more. Beyond that, Areteem provides support for help with curriculum,
class materials, and other areas of your franchise to ensure success for franchisees and students.

Given the permanence of the education industry and a low start-up cost, opening your own Areteem
Intelligence Planet learning center bears potential for a rapid return on your investment with high
profits. With constant cuts to public school budgets, Areteem fills dire gaps in education systems
nationwide by providing state-of-the-art curriculums. Help revolutionize education and change the
world by calling Franchise Creators today to establish a Areteem Intelligence Planet in your