Bellingham, WA. June 2019 – Every hole, every tree, and every blade of grass in a professional golf
course is meticulously cared for. At Augusta Lawn Care (ALC), we provide that same commitment to
landscaping for residential lawns. Founded by Mike Andes at only 18 years-old, his work ethic led to
building ALC into a seven-figure enterprise, with opportunities to sprout in new locations through
franchise developments!

Franchise Creator realized the potential for growth in Augustus Lawn Care and reached out to help them
develop a proficient franchise program to equip franchisees with all the necessary tools to expand and
sustain their business. “We’re aware that our services aren’t the cheapest,” says Mike Andes, CEO of
Augustus Lawn Care, “but our prices result in tremendously low turnover rates, leading to outstanding
customer service and a loyal and growing client base.”

With more than 12 years of lawn care experience, Augustus Lawn Care has refined their business model
to exceed expectations and blow out the competition. We specialize in providing small to medium-sized
residential properties with mowing, fertilizations, property cleanups, and small landscaping jobs. Our
reliable communication separates us from the competition. Lawn mowing estimates are offered within
minutes of arrival while estimates for landscaping jobs are provided within 24 hours. We stay on the
cutting edge of technology that includes truck GPS tracking, satellite measuring software, and internal
communication systems. On top of that, we’ve upgraded to enterprise-level servers in order to
streamline the billing process and keep credit card transactions safe and encrypted. Our minimalist
approach at modifying our trucks are cost-effective because they don’t require a trailer, thus reducing
maintenance costs, fuel expenses, set-up time, and allows us to serve urban markets where it’s barely
accessible to usual landscaping vehicles. To ensure elite service, we hold two off-site meetings each year
with our entire team to conceptualize new ways to improve customer experience and reduce costs. We
uphold our integrity by being honest with a customer: if a client requests a service that we are not
proficient at (large-scale tree removal, hazardous trimming, irrigation/sprinkler installations, etc.), we
will gladly recommend other vendors who can produce a higher-quality. In addition to our landscaping
services, we carry an inventory of a variety of top soils, organic composts, fill dirt, rocks, gravels,
cobbles, sand, barks, and mulch. We strive to provide a comprehensive lawn care service.

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