Buffalo, NY. June 2019 – If you’re a connoisseur of seafood, Bailey Seafood invites you to dive into an
eccentric surf-n-turf menu that encompasses a wide range of options including fish, crab, lobster,
shrimp, oysters, salmon, clam strips, chicken, beef, and even frog legs! What separates Bailey Seafood
from the competition is the ability to whip up high-quality take-out meals as fast as a sailfish zipping
through the Atlantic. Although Bailey Seafood specializes in frying deep sea critters, customers seeking
healthier alternatives can choose between baked fish dinners, steamed salmon, vegetables, salads, and
other sautéed options. For those who can’t stomach fish food, Bailey Seafood offers sandwiches,
Po’Boys, pastas, burgers, chicken and steaks. Bailey Seafood is committed to providing a consistent
stream of seafood by coordinating with vendors operating in every coast from Canada to Argentina. All
meals are made to order to ensure a fresh seafood meal every time.

What Makes Bailey Seafood Unique?
With the use of state-of-the-art deep fryers, Bailey Seafood has streamlined the process of preparing a
delectable seafood dinner within 15 minutes of walking in the restaurant. For those who are too
impatient to wait, customers can place orders by calling ahead or logging onto
to order through a user-friendly interface. Customers who order online are entitled to a lifetime 10%
discount to keep them hooked. Because all meals are made to order, nothing on the menu is pre-cooked
and all fried options are hand-breaded. To ensure top-notch quality (and provide cool Instagram pics!),
Bailey Seafood kitchens are designed for customers to observe how their meal is prepared from raw
ingredients to a finished product. Bailey Seafood even provides an aquarium so that patrons can choose
their own fish. Because Bailey Seafood has perfected the system of take-out and delivery, meeting
increased demand from customers can be achieved without sacrificing quality or wait time.

What It Takes To Start a Bailey Seafood Restaurant
In addition to an initial franchise fee of $34,500, start-up expenses to become a Bailey Seafood
franchisee are estimated to run between $226,250 and $381,500. Prominent expenses include:

• Initial franchising fee
• Real estate deposits
• Inventory, supplies
• Digital POS system
• Licenses and permits

In addition, franchisees are required to undergo a training program that includes 30 classroom hours at
Bailey Seafood headquarters and 50 on-site hours in an existing location.

Why Is Investing in Bailey Seafood a Good Idea?
The seafood industry provides one of the highest traded food commodities in the world today. Out of
the 170 million tons of fish that are produced by the industry each year, about 136 million tons are used
for food products. The average person in the world today eats more than 40 pounds of seafood
products each year. Given the rising tides of awareness on the health benefits of eating seafood,
establishing a Bailey Seafood in your community will reel in customers with an exciting menu that
promotes unique flavors by using the freshest ingredients possible.

About Bailey Seafood
In 1985, Bailey Seafood splashed into the scene as a one-employee seafood market in Buffalo, New York.
An unmatched work ethic and immense passion for seafood anchored Bailey Seafood as one of the
premier, family-owned restaurants in the community that quickly serves fresh fish dinners. After 35
years of engaging with customers, Bailey Seafood refined a menu to offer more than 20 different
combinations of fish fry and seafood.

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