Fort Lauderdale, FL. 2019 – Cellphone dropped in a parking lot. Tablet in the toilet. Faulty laptop
motherboards. For 19 years, Phone Repair Guy has stepped up to combat these common issues with
high quality repairs. Our service has warranted demand to develop new locations and expand our reach
through franchising opportunities!

Phone Repair Guy has collaborated with Franchise Creator to develop a easy-to-follow franchise
program that provides franchisees with a refined business structure to help maximize profits and
efficiency. “In the past five years, the cell phone repair industry has grown by 4.4% to reach a revenue of
$4 billion in 2018,” says Darwin Ramdhan, founder of Phone Repair Guy. “This makes launching a Phone
Repair Guy franchise ideal for tech-minded entrepreneurs.”

Since 1999, Phone Repair Guy has operated their store 365 days a year. Because technology has sped up
our business operations and personal day-to-day lives, some people can’t afford to wait a day to begin
their repair process. In addition to being extremely accessible, we staff our operation with fully qualified
technicians who are passionate about technology and ongoing developments. They all specialize in the
screen repairs, LCD and battery replacements, water damage diagnostics, GSM unlocking, and software
and hardware upgrades. By applying innovative methods that results in extremely precise diagnoses, our
repairs are not only time-saving, but cost-efficient because our approach is aimed towards the root of
the problem. In addition to a free diagnosis for cellphones, we provide the following services for
cellphones, tablets, computers, and laptops:Not only do we repair phones, but Phone Repair Guy is a
trusted seller of new and used GSM-unlocked phones compatible with a majority of mobile network
carriers. We help clients set up their phones to assure that they’re ready to be used as soon as they walk
out of our doors. On top of this, we provide affordable pre-paid plans for those who want to avoid
contracts from typical carriers. We round off our comprehensive tech repair experience with an
inventory of the latest accessories that include covers, screen protectors, charging cables, and pop

About Franchise Creator
Franchise Creator provides a comprehensive line of services supporting businesses through the process
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