Miami, FL. July 2020 – The global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has irreversibly impacted restaurants around the world. Fortunately, advancements in technology allowed restaurants to incorporate delivery or curbside pickup business models through online ordering apps such as UberEats, GrubHub, and DoorDash. Restauranteurs everywhere recognized the changing market, resulting in the emergence of ghost kitchens. Ghost kitchens are professional food prep and kitchen facilities that prepare food from multiple different restaurant concepts to provide delivery and to-go orders only.


Combo Kitchen CEO and Founder Hossein Kasmai conceptualized a unique franchise opportunity called Combo Kitchen to capitalize on the growing trend. “Combo Kitchen allows a franchisee to incorporate multiple different restaurants from an exclusive list of proven brands into a single location.”


The process is simple. After purchasing a Combo Kitchen franchise, a franchisee has the option to select as many restaurants as they choose from an extensive list of some of the top restaurant brands in the nation. The franchisee can then choose between a ghost kitchen concept offering takeout and delivery only, or a fully-functioning dine-in location with multiple brands operating under a single POS. By choosing a ghost kitchen, the franchisee can take advantage of low-cost real estate leases since the need for dining room space is eradicated, as well as an extremely limited staff, lowering the cost of employment by eliminating the need for servers. This makes the investment more affordable than other restaurant franchises and allows for a lightning-fast buildout.


By joining the Combo Kitchen Network, qualified restaurant owners are granted the opportunity to be placed among the top restaurants in their city, which allows Combo Kitchen franchisees to select their restaurant for ghost kitchen locations. Those restaurant owners can then sit back and watch their brand grow at an electric rate with little to no effort on their end, open multiple new locations, collect ongoing royalties from the sale of their menu items, increase foot traffic to flagship locations, and gain access to higher buying power. Moreover, restaurant owners with existing locations can simply become Combo Kitchen franchisees and add more concepts to their already-existing kitchen. In doing so, the additional cost of real estate is eliminated entirely, and multiple food brands can be served from a single location. For franchisees who wish to retain a small dining area, it is possible to invest in an existing retail space and build out a Combo Kitchen from there.


Statistics prove that ordering food online is not a trend that’s going away anytime soon.

About 58% of foodservice orders are for off-premise dining, with 34% of customers spending at least $50 per order. Based on industry statistics, 70% of meals will be takeout by the end of 2020. Contact Combo Kitchen today on getting a head start on what should be one of the most lucrative business opportunities in the restaurant industry.


About Combo Kitchen

Combo Kitchen is the world’s first ghost kitchen franchise. Founded in Miami, FL by Mr. Hossein Kasmai, CEO and Founder of Franchise Creator, Combo Kitchen is the perfect solution for restaurant owners to expand their concept in an affordable, low-effort method. It also provides franchisees with the ability to open a single ghost kitchen location featuring some of the hottest restaurant brands in the industry. Mr. Kasmai has launched over 450 businesses into successful franchises, including many of his own concepts. Among those, several have been ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine among the Top 500 franchises for six years in a row and the Top 100 fastest-growing franchises for two years in a row. For more information about Combo Kitchen, please visit the company website at or call 305-592-9229.