Pembroke Pines, FL. October 2017 – In 1978 by Dr. T. Yamauchi, a Rheumatogist, in Japan started using freezing treatments for a short duration on his rheumatoid arthritis patients’ skin surface as a pain management treatment. He discovered that rapid short-term freezing of the skin’s surface led to immediate release of endorphins. Further research conducted over the last two decades in Europe has established Whole Body Cryotherapy as an effective treatment for pain management, recovery from injuries, and overall wellness.

CryoNow provides a unique form of relaxation unlike any other know by providing services such as compressions and massages, an ozone steam sauna, and its whole body cryotherapy. Whole Body Cryotherapy is the exposure of a person’s skin to temperatures of -150 to – 170 degrees Celsius (- 238 to – 274 degrees Fahrenheit) for a short time (3 minutes or less). Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) exposes the body to cold temperatures in a cryosauna to stimulate the natural healing process of your body. The brain stimulates the body’s organs to regulate which results in the body going into a self-healing process.

The oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow that your body will experience after your whole body cryotherapy provides benefits such as: chronic pain relief, improved sleeping, increased energy, decreased stress, headache and migraine relief, quicker surgical recovery, asthma relief, improved psoriasis and dermatitis, improves immune system function, and reduced fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Founder Brian Wesley has committed to working directly with franchisees to teach them personally how to run their own cryotherapy wellness business. According to the United States Chamber of Commerce 86% of franchises opened within the last five years were still under the same ownership and 97% of them were still open for business. Close to 50% of new (non-franchised) businesses are out of business within the first 2-years of operation. With such a new and exciting business venture to be explored, CryoNow is ready to help franchisees reach their success and exceed customer expectations.

CryoNow’s franchise program was developed by Franchise Creator, a Miami-based franchise consulting firm, led by Hossein Kasmai, a well-recognized name in the franchise industry. “The franchise world is itching for something new to latch on to”, said Hossein Kasmai, the CEO of Franchise Creator. “This inventive way of meeting peoples need of comfort, wellness, and relaxation is exactly the kind of business that can be a successful franchise”, added Mr. Kasmai.

About CryoNow
Created in 2014, CryoNow offers life changing recovery treatment with the aim to help you reach your goals for better performance, quicker recovery, pain management and overall health wellness. Founder Brian Wesley took his own experience and rapid recovery and wanted to share it with others. Offers services such as whole-body cryotherapy, compression therapy, Ozone Steam Sauna and massage chair therapy.

About Franchise Creator
Franchise Creator provides a complete line of services that assist businesses in franchising their concept. Franchise Creator, led by Mr. Hossein Kasmai, has helped in converting over 150 businesses into well recognized franchise brands. Mr. Kasmai has also started many successful concepts of his own that have been ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine among the top 500 franchises for 6 years in a row and also ranked among the top 100 fastest growing franchises. For more information about Franchise Creator, please visit the company website at or call 305-592-9229.

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