New York City, NY. July 2019 – Big things come in small packages. Wedding rings. Babies. And
now – donuts! Todd Jones, also known as The Donutologist, is the founder and CEO of Cuzin’s
Duzins, a boutique hot mini-donut shop. With over 40 years of donut-baking experience, Todd’s
story begins with his innate sense of hustle. After delivering newspapers at the age of 10 in
Jamaica, Queens, Todd landed his first donut job at “A Cup & Two,” where he created his first
donut. From there, he worked at the largest Dunkin Donuts in Long Island for 20 years. During
his time there, his efficiency and first-class frying skills garnered him the title of the highest-paid
donut maker in Dunkin Donuts history. After being laid to reduce overhead, Todd purchased his
own donut maker to start Cuzin’s Duzins in 1993. After 16 years of success, wild deman has
forced Todd to expand via the franchise market!

In 2019, Todd sought the help of Hossein Kasmai, CEO of Franchise Creator, to develop a
streamlined franchise program for Cuzin’s Duzins. “Of all the franchise consultants I spoke with,
Hossein was the only expert who truly believed in my vision to expand Cuzin’s Duzins on a
global scale,” said Todd Jones. “The others told me to be realistic. Dreams aren’t achieved if you
stay thinking ‘realistically’.”

With a donut-making savant at the helm, there is no need for a library of frivolous toppings that
cut into profits. By utilizing only eight toppings and glazes, Cuzin’s Duzins provides customers
with a simplified menu that speeds up the ordering process for customers while reducing
confusion. In addition to a high quality menu, Cuzin’s Duzins offers catering options for those
who want to sweeten birthday parties, weddings, Bat Mitzvahs, work events and more! With
experience in servicing clients such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Cuzin’s Duzins ensures a
quality catering service that leave guests of your event talking about it for weeks!

Since 2014, there has been an annual growth of 3.4% in the donut industry. Entrepreneurs
skilled in the hospitality field are encouraged to join the team and, as the Donutologist himself
puts it, “spread the dough!” If you want to bring back the old-school donut shop with a retro
twist for your community, call Franchise Creators today!

About Franchise Creator
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