Denver, CO. June 2019 – Storm Assist Inc. specializes in providing sales and marketing support to
contractors located in “Storm Zones” across the United States. These areas are affected by hail,
tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, and other severe weather. Contractors within our network provide
storm damage remediation and restoration services to home owners and property owners. We train,
manage and retain sales forces of experienced contractor’s representatives in these zones.

Our Rapid Response Teams consist of our most experienced and well managed professionals. They are
trained to be deployed and provide our services to contractors that get hit with an unforeseen or
catastrophic weather storm in a very short period of time to start generating immediate business for
those contractors. For high risk properties, we utilize state-of-the-art drones operated by FAA Licensed
Drone Pilots to provide services to properties that can’t be reached due to hazardous conditions.
Contractors can also take advantage of Our Value-Added services help contractors improve revenue and
cash-flow for their business. These services include:

• Sales & Marketing
• Social Media & Web Presence
• 24/7 Customer Service
• Aerial Drone Assist
• Production Management
• Pre Production Site Visits
• Business Consulting

Initial investment expenses are estimated from $56,950 to $74,850 depending on the location. Expenses
cover a one-time franchise fee, medical equipment, property leases, licensing, renovations, and a POS
system among other business necessities. Because of the extremely low investment price, there is
potential for high profit returns.

To ensure smooth day-to-day operations, franchisees are required to complete a comprehensive, easy to grasp training program hours. This consists of 26 hours of classroom training in our headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota and 59 hours of on-site training. The bulk our training involves learning how to
efficiently market the franchise in addition to standard business practices.

The world is full of natural disasters, making Storm Assist an ideal investment as it will continue to grow
and serve those in need. The Roofing Contractors industry is by itself a $41.8 billion industry. The last
five years has shown continuous growth of 3.5% and is projected to continue growing at 1.8% for the
next five years. Becoming a Storm Assist franchise is an easy way to enter a growing market with no
major competitors. Call Franchise Creators today to start your path on owning a Storm Assist franchise.