Miami, FL, June 1, 2018 – “Become a Franchise Creator!” After helping over 150 companies grow by launching their own franchises, Franchise Creator has decided to follow suit by expanding its brand as a franchise.

Franchise Creator has been working out of its local office in Doral, FL since its inception in 2016. Recently, they have opened offices in Boca Raton and even one out of state located in Atlanta, GA. Now, however, founder and CEO Hossein Kasmai has announced the goal to expand even further, using their preferred method – franchising.

Franchise Creator is offering those interested to join not as franchisees, but as franchise consultants. They are looking for ambitious, driven entrepreneurs who are willing to go out and improve their local economy by franchising local businesses as well as selling to new franchisees. Franchise Creator has set a goal to open new offices (through franchising) in the five major cities of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston. Nonetheless, this opportunity is open to all regardless of where they reside. “Our goal”, said Hossein Kasmai, “is to give a boost to the economy of every community. We want people to believe in the American Dream again, and we’re doing that through franchising.”

Mr. Kasmai has had success as a franchise consultant primarily because it was a process he went through himself several times. Mr. Kasmai was able to have success with many of business ventures, with the most notable of the bunch being Guard-A-Kid, a company focused in the field of children and family safety. “Inspired by his own children, and his background in software engineering, Hossein Kasmai founded Guard-A-Kid to offer technology-driven child safety products and education services” (Entrepreneur, 2017). After its initial franchise offering in 2005, Guard-A-Kid grew to have over 35 franchises, and in 2010 expanded to over 150 franchises in 11 countries worldwide. “After selling Guard-a-Kid, I had people coming up to me and contacting me all the time to help them with their franchises,” said Hossein Kasmai. “I didn’t want to retire, so instead I started Franchise Creator with the goal of providing the means and guidance that these up-and-coming business owners need.”

Realizing the limits of having only one office, Franchise Creator expanded to other cities in the southeast region of the United States, but even that is not enough. With their franchise offering, franchisees will take on the title of “franchise consultant” and will receive all the necessary training to duplicate all that Mr. Kasmai and his team accomplish in their office. Just like any other franchisor-franchisee relationship, there will be constant communication and assistance between Franchise Creator’s primary office and their extensions as they seek to work cohesively and as a team. “We aren’t franchising to generate more revenue,” stated Hossein Kasmai, “We are doing this to reach out to more business owners than we are currently capable of because we know there are individuals out there that need our help in launching their amazing idea.”

To learn more about becoming an official Franchise Consultant of Franchise Creator, or about franchising your own business please visit the company website at or call 305-592-9229.