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Amazing Food and Great Service!

Florida Wing Factory is a wing restaurant that offers customers a variety of popular bar foods, drinks, and an exciting environment to watch their favorite sports. A whole lot of restaurants claim to have the best chicken wings, but Florida Wing Factory goes a steep further with innovation by creating Stuffed Wings! Florida Wings Factory also offers catering solutions, meaning franchisees can open up extra streams of revenue!

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Amazing Food and Great Service!

Burger Barn Grill is the result of a father and son's idea to bring something new and fresh to the table. We didn't want to be just like our competitors. We wanted to challenge them in how they do business, the ingredients they use, and the menu items they offer-so that's what we did! We've been serving the St. John's area in Florida with delicious burgers made with fresh ingredients and only the highest-quality Angus beef.

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Simple Goodness

The Pink Bean Coffee experience is founded on the desire to bring a community of people together around healthful food in a relaxed atmosphere and to promote and elevate small local entrepreneurs. Instead of using machines to create an assembly line of identical drip coffees, Pink Bean serves pour-over coffee, which produces a better, nuanced flavor. Their commitment to quality is showcased through their signature drink, the Mojo, their house specialty espresso-based coffee that takes 2 1/2 days to prepare!

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Kovi is twisting the industry

Kovi Kitchen is an Asian food truck owned by Chef Vi Nguyen, providing the people of Arlington, Virginia with a variety of Asian-inspired food since 2017.

Kovi specializes in producing a variety of Asian street foods, combining the best from Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and more! Because these dishes are convenient to prepare and serve, it allows opportunities to provide his signature, Kovi twist to each menu item.

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Quality COme First

Pizza afficionados have great reason to be excited for a fresh and highly successful pizza concept that's entering the franchise market!! United Slice, a pizzeria based in Utah, was founded by Sherpartap Singh in 2015, and has built a strong reputation as a staple for pizza in the community of Stansburry Park. With locals and tourists constantly asking Mr. Singh to open more locations, he had no other option but to meet their demands and expand through franchise opportunities!

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