Franchise my restaurant

Tired of working hard running your restaurant, every single day?
Tired of dealing with employees who simply don’t care?
Tired of only making enough money to pay your bills?
Learn How You Can Grow Your Restaurant Nationwide And Retire Early!

Why You Should Franchise Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, you work hard every single day with no light at the end of the tunnel. You do the same thing every day and seems like you have no path for getting out of the hamster wheel.

Here are some questions for you:

  1. Why did you start this business to begin with? To work hard every day and come home tired with only enough money to get by or did you have higher goals and aspirations in mind?
  2. Is this all you want to do in life or do you have plans to do bigger things?
  3. Why is it that Subway with sub-par food was able to build a multi-billon dollar empire but you don’t think you can, when you have great food with great reviews?
  4. Do you want to do the same thing, 5 or 10 years from now and if not, what is your plan?

Benefits of Franchising Your Restaurant

Franchising allows you to quickly grow your restaurant and your personal net worth. Since franchisees fund their new business, leveraging off the time and efforts of its franchisees, your business will grow much faster without adding any new staff or taking on more risk. Franchising lets you sell your knowledge, experience, and business concept to committed individuals who invest their money to open and operate new locations. You’ll be able to expand very fast with less overhead and no day­-to­-day operating issues while generating a fast­-growing stream of income.

  1. Grow your restaurant and brand without giving up any equity.
  2. Your franchisees are responsible for everything from site selection, build-out, employee management, rent, payroll and all other expenses
  3. Your brand valuation grows with each franchise location that opens, giving you a path for a significant exit opportunity.
  4. You provide the training and the support, franchisees do everything else.
  5. You collect a significant franchise fee upfront in addition to on-going weekly royalties.
  6. Your brand is preserved and not destroyed. Franchisees, just like, have spent their money and time and therefore care for the brand as much as you do.
Franchise Your Business

Why Choose Franchise Creator?

Franchise Creator is the nation’s leading franchise consulting firm. We have converted more than 700 brands into successful franchises. The restaurant industry is the largest sector in all of franchising. Combo Kitchen has franchised many restaurants with only one or two locations and seen them grow to become national brands with locations throughout the United States. For example, Mr. Fries Man hired Franchise Creator to franchise their business, shortly after opening their first location. Today less than 4 years later, they have expanded to close to 50 locations nationwide.

Experienced And Trusted Leadership

Hossein, an entrepreneur, public speaker and business consultant to over 600 companies, is considered an expert in the franchise industry. Mr. Kasmai is the founder and CEO of Franchise Creator, the world’s leading franchise consulting firm. He is also the CEO and Founder of Combo Kitchen/Combo Brands, ranked number one in category by Entrepreneur magazine and among the top 50 fastest growing franchises worldwide. Many celebrities have partnered with Hossein to start and grow their businesses worldwide.

Hossein and his companies have been featured multiple times in well-recognized publications and news outlets including Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC News, CBS News, Franchise Times Magazine, Specialty Retail Magazine, Opportunity World Magazine, INC Magazine, The Miami Herald, Des Moines Register and more.

Franchise Your Business

Services Offered by Franchise Creator

Depending on your level of needs, you can select to hire Franchise Creator to handle the entire franchise development process including all legal documents and registration, filings, franchise marketing and sales or simply hire us to complete a franchise manual or other specific task. Either way, we GUARANTEE to offer the lowest prices in the industry.

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