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Miami, FL. July 2019 – With the increasing pace of life stemming from technology and hectic
work schedules, Americans are valuing their time more than ever. This has resulted in a
preference for products and services that are above all, convenient. Grand 7th is shaking up the
convenience store industry with its groundbreaking concept. In 1995, Firas Hussain opened his
first convenience store with the purpose of serving his neighborhood with a swift and simple
shopping solution for people on the go. With more than two decades of operating experience
and multiple locations across diverse neighborhoods, Firas refined his concept and established
the foundation that is now known as Grand 7th. It has caught the attention of the masses and
they’re begging for more locations.

Firas partnered with Franchise Creator to develop a franchise program that equips franchisees
with all the necessary tools to expand and sustain their business. Hossein Kasmai, CEO of
Franchise Creator, reached out to Firas after discovering his concept. “Given Hossein’s
repertoire, it meant a lot when he reached out to me,” said Firas Hussain, founder of Grand 7th
“It’s been a dream of mine to become a nationwide brand and Franchise Creator is making that
dream come true.”

What separates Grand 7th from other convenience stores and quick stops is its innovative
method of stocking products. Instead of the copy-and-paste inventory found in convenience
stores across America, Grand 7th stocks its stores with local products that reflect the fabric of
the surrounding community. Not only does this offer a variety of products that are now more
accessible and affordable to others, but by offering these products, the concept of Grand 7th
revitalizes and bolsters the local economy. Each Grand 7th should look different inside but
operate with the same high-quality customer service. The versatility of Grand 7th doesn’t stop
there, with options for contracting subtenants who can provide specialized products like food,
beverages, package storage lockers, pharmacy services, and e-commerce. This provides
franchisees with virtually unlimited possibilities on how they want to manage their Grand 7th
location, and diversify if they plan to open more.

About Franchise Creator
Franchise Creator provides a comprehensive array of services supporting businesses through
the process of franchising their concept. Founded by Mr. Hossein Kasmai in Miami, FL,
Franchise Creator helped convert over 150 businesses into well recognized franchise brands.
Mr. Kasmai has launched many successful concepts of his own that have been ranked by
Entrepreneur Magazine among the Top 500 franchises for six years in a row and the Top 100
fastest-growing franchises for two years in a row. For more information about Franchise
Creator, please visit the company website at www.franchisecreator.com or call 305-592-9229.