Anaheim, CA. June 2019 – If you’re looking for an exotic European dessert that can stack up against the
competition and sweep the masses off their feet, look no further than the official dessert of Hungary,
chimney cakes. Traditionally known as Kürtöskalács, chimney cakes are composed of hollow, cylindrical
pieces of Hungarian sweet-bread with a crispy exterior and warm fluffy dough inside. They’re called
chimney cakes because of the resemblance to chimneys billowing smoke upon removing them from the
oven. If you like churros and doughnuts, you’ll probably love chimney cakes. We double down on sweet
tooth cravings by filling our chimney cakes with Strauss Farm Organic soft serve.

Hungarian Tradition Meets Ice Cream
House Of Chimney Cakes has innovated the Hungarian delicacy by creating recipes with unorthodox
toppings and unique flavor combinations. With 13 signature creations like Oreo Overload, Matcha
Monster, Strawberry Bomb, and Everyday Birthday Cake there’s a signature flavor to satisfy everyone’s
sweet tooth. If our signature creations don’t sound appealing, customers are welcome to create their
own unique combination of chimney cake, ice cream, and toppings. House Of Chimney Cakes also offers
vegan alternatives in addition to our standard organic ingredients to make our treats as inclusive as

Franchising Your Own House Of Chimney Cakes
In addition to an initial franchise fee of $$25,000 – $35,000 start-up expenses to become a House of
Chimney Cakes franchisee are estimated to run between $103,720 and $171,850. Prominent expenses
• Initial franchising fee
• Real estate deposits
• Inventory, supplies
• Digital POS system
• Licenses and permits

House Of Chimney Cakes offers a comprehensive, multi-phase training program that includes 10 hours
of classroom training at one of our already established locations in addition to 16-30 hours of on-the-job
training support at your newly established location.

Benefits to Franchising House Of Chimney Cakes
Not only are chimney cakes delicious, they provide an opportunity for the American people to learn
more about the traditions and customs of Hungary. Franchising a House Of Chimney Cakes is a great way
to offer a twist on celebrating birthdays or finishing off a date with some pizzazz.

About House of Chimney Cakes
Szandra Szabó is a fashion model and entrepreneur from Szeged, Hungary. With a core belief of
becoming an empowered woman, Szandra pursued multiple endeavors after moving to Los Angeles,
including modeling and starting her own luxury flower box company before discovering her true passion
in chimney cakes.

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