Miami, FL. June 2019 – 95% of pet owners consider their pet as part of the family and wish to feed them accordingly. Jemelli is rising up to combat the malnutrition caused from over-processed, unnatural pet foods by creating superfoods for dogs along with an efficient delivery network via FedEx to meet the demands of clients. Healthier dog food promotes a longer life for your furry little friend and revitalizes them with the energy needed to bark, romp around, and wag their tails.

Why Dogs Love Jemelli

Jemelli’s production process is closely monitored, tested and controlled by an elite team of veterinarians and nutrition experts to ensure and improve the quality of our superfood. In addition, we tweak our recipes to maximize the nutritional benefits for different breeds of dogs. Jemelli’s superfood recipes for dogs include nutraceutical ingredients that are:

· organic

· human grade

· free of genetically engineered organism (No GMOs)

· free of artificial flavors, colorant or preservatives

· enriched with natural anti-oxidants

Becoming a Jemelli Specialist

It takes a different breed of person to provide stellar pet food and become a Jemelli Specialist – a title we use to describe our professional pet food creators. Despite extremely economical start-up expenses, Jemelli interviews each potential franchisee to confirm they are passionate about pets and dedicated to providing them with a nutritional diet that promotes a healthy lifestyle. By collaborating closely with Jemelli’s founder, a team of business experts, and a personalized consultant for your franchise, success is ensured by helping franchisees through their developmental phase as well as their grand opening. Because franchisees aren’t responsible for creating the product or physically handling transactions (all online) all efforts can be directed to marketing and selling Jemelli’s superfood.

Investment Expenses

An initial investment of $34,300 earns you exclusive selling rights to a 400,000-household territory containing a high percentage of dog owners. In addition to the franchise fee and exclusive selling territory, the initial expenses also cover travelling costs for training in our Miami headquarters, opening inventory, and marketing for the grand opening. Because the only crucial requirement is a freezer to store the inventory, Jemelli Specialists don’t need to invest in expensive retail space allowing them to operate their franchises from virtually anywhere. This welcomes affordable investment costs with a high return on investment.

About Franchise Creator

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