Pembroke Pines, FL. October 2017 – There has been a recent shift in view as what was once thought of as unhealthy has now become good for you. One of the challenges that we all face when “dieting” is that we think we must eat what we don’t like and avoid everything we crave. Thankfully, thanks to the healthy food and juice industry, things that in the past might have been detrimental to your overall health, such as smoothies, has taken a new spin to become beneficial to your diet.

The obesity crisis has reached epidemic proportions, and it’s caused everyone to become more aware than ever before of the need to adopt healthier eating habits. New takes on healthy foods have made cringe-worthy foods such as spinach become a delicacy even our kids enjoy. That’s been strongly evidenced by the worldwide $9 billion healthy food and juice industry, which research firm Technavio predicts will grow 7% by 2020.

Kairos feels that they are exactly where they want to be. In a growing industry that’s here to help improves people’s lives, Kairo is proving that raw juices, smoothies, and healthy food aren’t just for the all-or-nothing healthy eaters. People across all demographics are now realizing the importance of adding more fruit and veggies into their diets, and they love adding a green juice or a smoothie bowl into the mix.

For Kairo, they want to its prepare healthy food to help you feel and be well. Each one of the ingredients that you can find on the menu is 100% natural, organic, hormone and chemical free, unprocessed, and over all are made with the right amount of time to preserve its properties. Fruit, juice, yogurt and dairy are all commodities that anyone with a blender can provide. Only Kairos creates specialized juices and smoothies that are expertly blended with more than “just fruit in a blender” for specific needs, goals and ambitions.
Kairos’ franchise program was developed by Franchise Creator, a Miami-based franchise consulting firm, led by Hossein Kasmai, a well-recognized name in the franchise industry. “The franchise industry is looking for fresh new ideas and that is literally what Kairo provides with their delicious blends of fresh ingredients ”, said Hossein Kasmai, the CEO of Franchise Creator. “We expect the entrepreneurs of the franchise world to quickly latch onto this idea having it quickly become a franchise in high demand”, added Mr. Kasmai.

About Kairos Juices

The vision to make healthier food was inspired by Martha, the creator of Kairos. When her father began to have health issues; he was diagnosed with diabetes, so she felt the need to change her future, the future of her kids, and the people around her. Kairos offers a better way to eat with build your own bowls and wraps to detox cleansing juices. Nothing processed, nothing yucky. Simply said, we are an “I want to eat healthy and feel great” type of place, offering yummies like The Power Egg Bowl, containing the freshest spinach, guacamole & chili mango sauce.

About Franchise Creator

Franchise Creator provides a complete line of services that assist businesses in franchising their concept. Franchise Creator, led by Mr. Hossein Kasmai, has helped in converting over 150 businesses into well recognized franchise brands. Mr. Kasmai has also started many successful concepts of his own that have been ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine among the top 500 franchises for 6 years in a row and also ranked among the top 100 fastest growing franchises. For more information about Franchise Creator, please visit the company website at www.franchisecreator.com or call 305-592-9229.

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