Sylvania, OH. June 2019 – First impressions of a home start with the landscape surrounding it, which is why Lawn Creations strives to make sure your front yard is vibrant and welcoming. Since 1979, Lawn Creations started as a family owned and operated business that has now grown to accommodate clients from both residential neighborhoods and commercial properties. Lawn Creations is one of Northwest Ohio’s largest landscape and lawn care companies, servicing thousands of properties in the last 20 years. Our landscape consultants are experts at planning construction and architectural landscape visions to create a unique, breath-taking work of art for your home or business.

Lawn Creations is a full-service lawn treatment and landscaping company. We specialize in providing 100% organic lawn treatments to maintain a thick, healthy and green lawn without the harsh pesticides our competitors use. Lawn Creations can remedy all problems with your turf, from thin patches and pests to weeds and compacted soil, using products that are completely safe for children and pets.

In addition to revitalizing your lawn, we provide a full comprehensive landscaping and hardscaping service to transform your outdoor living space into a brilliant addition to your home. On top of common gardening services, Lawn Creations can build patios, ponds, waterfalls, rock walls, and natural rock structures to give businesses a much needed facelift. Our services are perfect for increasing the property’s value. Not only is our passion for landscaping proven through our work, but Lawn Creations goes the extra mile to provide free estimates, ensuring our clients that we are attentive to their needs before starting a project.

Lawn Creations is offering a single-territory franchise opportunity perfect for entrepreneurs who are ready to run their own business. If you’re looking for a business that can support your family or want a point of entry into a business that can grow quickly into multi-unit ownership, our single-territory franchise plan is the place to start. Initial investment expenses range from $50,000 to $65,100, covering the franchise fee, tools, equipment, a vehicle, marketing, licenses, and permits, among other expenses.

Our servicemen go through extensive training, studying under professionals from Ohio’s Department of Horticulture & Crop Science. Franchisees undergo 10 hours of classroom training and 10-40 hours of on the job training to learn the history of Lawn Creations, different landscaping services, and the standard do’s and don’ts of operating a business. Lawn Creation ensures their position at the forefront of Ohio landscaping by providing an ongoing education program to stay up to date with new technologies and trends in the landscape, plant, and lawn care industries.

In the 40 years we’ve been in business, Lawn Creations has refined the practice of running a lawn care company. Lawn Creations will consult with you to help start your own lawn care business today. Our system makes it possible for entrepreneurs to manifest the American Dream of owning a small business accompanied by higher pay, flexible schedules, and the pride of building a business from the ground up. Become the hero for lawns, yards, and properties in your community by calling Franchise Creators today!