Make Your Business Franchisable

Learn How to Make Your Business Franchisable

For businesses ready to grow like never before, franchising is the fastest, most powerful way to scale up – throughout your region, nationwide, or beyond. Not all businesses are ready to be franchised, but virtually any kind of business is franchisable with the right franchise consultant expert help.

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Key advantages of franchising include:


  • Greater levels of profit than any corporate owner can achieve alone;
  • Less direct day-to-day involvement in the operations of the business;
  • Opportunities to externalize business investments to franchise owners;
  • Vastly accelerated growth of your brand’s equity and name recognition.

Getting Ready to Launch Your Franchise: Four Indispensable Steps

1) Know Your Business

The best practices you’ve developed for your business are an important part of the value you can offer franchisees. It can be difficult to distill your business wisdom into itemized, actionable steps, but it’s crucial to ensure that customers receive a consistent experience.

2) Prepare Legally

Establishing yourself as a franchise requires a number of complex legal forms and processes. If any of these are done incorrectly, you could face serious setbacks – some of them very costly. Be sure to have an experienced franchise consultant work alongside a franchise attorney. Typically franchise lawyers have no experience in running a franchise operation. An experienced franchise consultant can guide the franchise lawyer in preparing the proper documents that can help in growing and protecting your brand.

3) Set a Growth Strategy

Preparing for the franchise life may mean making widespread changes to your existing business model. Most small business owners do not want to launch into explosive growth overnight. Instead, they want a sustainable and scalable approach. Setting your geographic goals is one key priority.

4) Develop Screening Standards

Franchisees are people you will need to work with in the long term. Cultivating them is crucial to the future of any franchise. As a result, you should have strong processes in place to make sure you attract the right people. Then, you will have a team you can rely on.

5) Plan for Franchisee Support

Some franchisees are first-time business owners, while others are already experienced in their field. Whatever the case, there is always more your organization can teach them. When you have a people strategy that supports excellence, your franchise’s growth will go more smoothly. This strategy should be put in place by a skilled franchise consultant who personally has gained this experience by running his/her own franchise system.

Franchising Your Business is Easy with Franchise Consultants You Can Trust

Deciding to franchise your business might be the best thing you ever do to achieve higher profits with less time spent sweating the details. To ensure it’s right for you, you should work with franchising experts.

Don’t spend months or even years trying to untangle the nuances of franchising on your own. Get off to the right start and see real, sustainable progress quickly by working with a world-class team that understands how to bring your franchising vision to life.

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