Miami, FL. December 2017 – The Economic Research Service estimates that the Artificial Grass & Turf Installation industry, in all its forms, is a $40 billion industry. In addition, in many states such as Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, and North Carolina; turf is categorized as the number one or number two agricultural commodity. There are approximately 50 million acres of managed turf in the U.S. which gives the Artificial Grass & Turf Installation a tremendous opportunity!

Despite Artificial Grass & Turf being a niche industry, it consists of many diverse groups including: millions of homeowners, athletic field managers, lawn care operators, golf course superintendents, architects, developers and owners, landscape designers and contractors, seed and sod producers, parks and grounds superintendents, roadside and vegetation managers, cemetery managers and much more.

Artificial Grass & Turf Installation not only beautifies parks and landscapes, as well as provides environmental protection and enhancement by purifying and protecting our water, soil, and air wherever they are installed. It’s an industry that truly touches everyone in one way or another on an everyday basis. Hence the reason M3 Artificial Grass & Turf is so eager to announce their franchise opportunity.

M3 Artificial Grass & Turf was started by its manager, Juan Carlos Mereles, whom over the past few years has amassed a well-respected reputation for the incredible turf jobs, amazing customer service, and top of the line products.  “I had too much work for just myself… inquiry calls for the services were coming in from states all around the U.S, which was initially what made me quickly realize there was an opportunity to expand this business.” Said Mr. Mereles. Franchise Creator, a Miami-based franchise consulting firm, led by Hossein Kasmai, a well-recognized name in the franchise industry developed the ideal franchise program Mr. Mereles was seeking in order to expand his brand and its services. “Not only do industry statistics make me feel confident to say that this franchise program will be a rewarding investment, but it’s also a business that requires no location to operate, making it an ideal, turn-key operation with a low start-up cost.” emphasized Mr. Kasmai. 

About M3 Artificial Grass & Turf

At M3, it’s their main priority to have the best, most noteworthy products for the customers to enjoy. M3 Artificial Grass & Turf always strives to put the best Artificial Grass & Turf in their customer’s properties, and they believe their proven record of accomplishment is a huge testament to that! They work on all sizes of lawns and yards as well, thus allowing customers to feel confident that they will be able to surpass any expectations.
They specialize in:

    • Golf Turfs
    • Pet Turfs
    • Sport Turfs
    • Installations
    • Re-Turfs
    • Various Mulch Products
  • And much more!

About Franchise Creator

Franchise Creator provides a complete line of services that assist businesses in franchising their concept.  Franchise Creator, led by Mr. Hossein Kasmai, has helped in converting over 100+ businesses into well-recognized franchise brands.  Mr. Kasmai has also started many successful concepts of his own that have been ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine among the top 500 franchises for 6 years in a row and also ranked amongst the top 100 fastest growing franchises for two years in a row. For more information about Franchise Creator, please visit the company website at www.franchisecreator.com or call 305-592-9229. 

Contact Info:

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