Interview at Grant Cardone Studio

What is Franchising? with Hossein Kasmai and Robert Syslo Jr

Hossein Kasmai owner and CEO of Franchise Creators a Miami based company specializes in the building, selling and buying of Franchises. In this episode of Ask the Pro Robert Syslo Jr sits down one on one with Hossein to discuss what franchising is, how it works, how it adds another flow of income, and ways to franchise your current business. You should franchise your business because you are ready to grow your business and take your current business to the next level and you want to accomplish this using the most cost effective and widely endorsed method of expansion. Perhaps you have thought of expanding your business into new markets, but you do not want to invest any more of your own money. Perhaps you are not comfortable with operating a business in another city or state on your own with your own employees. Perhaps you have seen your employees learning your business, leaving you and becoming your competitors and you now realize that you want to charge for this knowledge. Franchising is simply the best solution that has transformed thousands of businesses from mom and pop operation into nationally recognized brands in a very short time. Let Franchise Creator help you identify if franchising is the best growth vehicle for you, at no cost!