Franchise Creator – Franchising Is the Only Solution to Proper Branch Management 

Meet Hossein Kasmai, the founder of Franchise Creator, a company that helps businesses partner up with hundreds of stores that sell their products and services all over the country. Hossein himself has learned franchising the hard way – by expanding his own business to over 170 franchises in 11 countries. Today, Hossein shared a ton of exclusive advice on how to franchise your business and whether you should consider it at all. Franchise Creator has a system a business that comes to us, we analyze the portfolio, the company reports, the ability of the business as a whole. The first step in building a successful franchise is to know what your short- and long-term goals are for your brand. Take some time to clarify how and why you want to branch out, and what you want your franchise business to look like down the road. Tune in and learn everything about it!