A world leader in the franchising business, Hossein Kasmai teaches others how to put his business-building strategy to work for them. Hossein has extensive experience in the field of franchising, founding many franchise concepts of his own including Guard-A-Kid, founded in 2005. The business quickly became the industry leader and a very successful franchise in the field of “children and family safety.” In only a few months after its initial franchise offering, Guard-A-Kid grew to over 35 franchises. By 2010, only five years after its initial launch, Guard-A-Kid expanded to over 175 franchises in 11 countries worldwide (before Hossein sold it). This franchise creator now helps other entrepreneurs decide when to franchise and teaches them how to franchise successfully. Hossein’s franchise concept has been ranked among the top 500 franchises for 6 years in a row and ranked in the top 10 new franchises in 2009.

When business started difficulties overcame: “I didn’t know that people didn’t know what a franchise meant, for me the biggest obstacle has been educating business owners, it isn’t for us trying to sell something to someone, for me that’s easier, what is difficult is education is teaching people what this expansion strategy is, what franchising is and to make them understand why and how their business is a perfect fit for it”…[Listen for More]

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