Miami, FL. March 2019 – With the ever present demand for healthier food options colliding with
the busy schedule of the average American, we are often left with no choice but to consume
unhealthy options provided by typical fast casual restaurants. Poke Sushi Bowl comes to the
rescue with a concept that can satisfy the most health-conscious food lover, even on a tight
schedule. For all these reasons, the poke industry is increasing more and more by the day.

The aspect that makes Poke Sushi Bowl stand out among other poke restaurants is the
customizable bowl option. Along with pre-designed signature bowls offered, customers also
have the option to construct their own delicious poke creation with whichever ingredients they
choose. Experience the savory, mouth-watering flavors just once, and there is no doubt you
won’t be able to get enough. Poke is packed with omega 3s and protein, not to mention Poke
Sushi Bowl uses a “no-oil” method and a filtered water system. All sauces are also made with
gluten-free, organic soy sauce.

“The current fast-casual concept has one massive flaw,” says Poke Sushi Bowl CEO Bo Zhu.
“You’re destroying your body when you eat most of it. That’s why we needed a concept where
that isn’t the case. And you don’t need to compromise the taste to get that,” he continued.
Poke Sushi Bowl is expanding their concept through franchising by partnering with Franchise
Creator – a Miami-based franchise consulting firm, led by Hossein Kasmai, a well-recognized
name in the franchise industry.

Investing in a Poke Sushi Bowl franchise and becoming a franchisee would have a total startup
cost between $199,700 and $250,900. Considering it is in the restaurant industry, the startup
cost is surprisingly low and expected to result in a quick return on investment. Few employees
are needed, unlike most restaurants, so employee wages are relatively low. No restaurant
experience is needed to run a Poke Sushi Bowl franchise, just a drive for attainment and the
work ethic for success.

“The poke industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the market right now,” says
Franchise Creator CEO Hossein Kasmai, “Poke Sushi Bowl disrupts the typical fast-casual
concept and even the typical poke restaurant with its customizable bowls.”

About Poke Sushi Bowl
Poke Sushi Bowl aims to satisfy all; from the health nut, to the food connoisseur, to those with
the busiest schedule. Delivering fresh ingredients, custom to your exact preferences, Poke
Sushi Bowl is driven by customer satisfaction. You can rest assured their poke bowls are
entirely free of artificial flavors and harmful substances. Enjoy your new favorite food, guilt free.