Inglewood, CA. June 2019 – The aesthetics of a home should echo the characteristics of the people living
inside. Remodeling your house is an arduous process that consumes substantial amounts of your time
and money if you’re inexperienced and don’t know where to begin. With over 25 years in the home
renovation industry, Ocean Exteriors is an established home remodeling company that has simplified the
renovation process to help clients design a home in accordance with their lifestyles. Because we manage
the sale and installation of our products and services, we provide a comprehensive home remodeling
experience that leaves clients satisfied and ready to refer our business to people who need it.

Ocean Exteriors specializes in the installation of energy efficient windows, doors, roofing, exterior paint
jobs, and masonry using the best materials on the market. We offer same-day installation and a lifetime
warranty on our windows so clients can confidently upgrade the value of their homes. On top of that,
we also offer 30-year to lifetime warranties on our roofing services, including speedy tear-offs and
installs. Ocean Exteriors handles all permits and inspections so clients can divert their efforts towards
the design and progress of their renovations. Given our General “B” contractor status, Ocean Exteriors is
licensed to build a home from the ground up. We are a certified “Preferred Contractor” with Owens
Corning™ and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Franchising an Ocean Exteriors requires an initial investment that ranges from $76,850 to $91,400,
depending on the location. These expenses cover a one-time franchise fee, business licenses and
permits, and a computer system among other business necessities.

Ocean Exteriors offers a hands-on comprehensive training program that includes 40 hours of classroom
training at our headquarters in Inglewood and 40 hours of hands-on training at your new location. Upon
completion, franchisees will comprehend the history and services Ocean Exteriors offers, permits and
compliance, bookkeeping, and other vital business routines.

Ocean Exteriors offers two franchise opportunities:

• Purchase an individual single-unit location, allowing you the rights to operate in the territory of
your choice.
• Purchase an area development franchises for those looking to purchase the rights to a larger
territory and build multiple Ocean Exteriors locations with time.

Similar to hermit crabs, it is inevitable for people to grow beyond current living situations and adapt to
new surroundings. Ocean Exteriors help clients remodel their new “shell” to accommodate their
lifestyles, whether they’re looking to raise property value for resale or spruce up their living quarters. If
you’re interested in providing the local community with exceptional remodeling services, call Franchise
Creator today to get started on franchising your own Ocean Exteriors.