Denver, CO. June 2019 – Spending 60 minutes inside a locked room might sound dreary, but when you’re given a puzzle to solve in order to exit, things get exciting. Break out of the norm with Room 5280, an escape room franchise based in Denver, Colorado. Since 2016, Room 5280 has designed and facilitated escape rooms brimmed with countless mental and physical challenges that people love to engage with. Escape rooms are exploding in popularity within the entertainment industry, making it an exciting idea for a fun night out!


Room 5280 operates five escape rooms with different themes at a historical building in Denver. The following rooms are:

· The Dark Room (players are given one flashlight to illuminate clues in a pitch-black room)

· The Experiment (science-themed escape room that takes place in a laboratory)

· Weird Heritage (escape from a bizarre apartment inherited from a mysterious relative)

· The Heist (rob the home of an eccentric millionaire who stepped out for a walk)

· Sherlock (uncover bombs planted in different parts of the London Underground)

Each room invites participants to collaborate and solve puzzles in under 60 minutes to escape the room and win. What makes Room 5280 irresistible to many is the low success rate of people accomplishing the objective, with each room averaging a 30% success rate. By perfecting the art of designing escape rooms with confusing obstacles and puzzles, Room 5280 creates the opportunity to invite those who failed to return and try again. We also offer escape rooms tailored for team-building exercises, making it the perfect alternative to a company picnic!


Because there’s nothing to prepare or sell, the overhead for operating an escape room is considerably economical and can be ran by one person if desired. Initial investment expenditures to open a Room 5280 is estimated between $112,450 and $124,700, with the majority of expenses allocated towards the initial franchise fee, construction of the escape rooms, and property fees. The most amazing part about opening a Room 5280 franchise? You can be up and running within 30 days and receive 100% return on your investment within the first year!


Franchisees are responsible for completing a 45 hours of on-site training, with most of the efforts dedicated to learning the history behind Room 5280, how to operate the escape rooms, and marketing to maximize profits. A dedicated consultant will guide you through the training process, development phase, and will see through the grand opening and growth of your escape room franchise. On top of that, franchisees will receive help maintaining and updating their SEO-based website.


Escape rooms are skyrocketing in popularity nationwide with the potential to become a permanent staple in the entertainment industry. Room 5280 is at the forefront of escape room wave as it is the highest-rated (Google, Yelp, and TripAdvidsor) escape room in the state of Colorado. If you want to provide your community with the dynamic experience of escape rooms, call Franchise Creators today!