Margate, FL. June 2019 – How can we expect students to retain what they learn in the classroom if their
lessons leave them snoring over their textbooks? Since 2006, STEAM City Kids has revolutionized
children’s perception of school by stripping down the rigid structures of traditional education and
replacing them with energized lesson plans composed of diverse activities. Complete with in-school field
trips, live animals, hands-on experiments, and an age-targeted staff, we provide students from
preschool to eighth grade with engaging programs to expand their knowledge. Increased demand from
parents has led to STEAM City kids expanding their reach by entering the franchise market.
Franchise Creator noticed the potential for growth in STEAM City Kids, resulting in a partnership that
developed a streamlined franchise program, setting investors up for ongoing success. “There will always
be a market for parents who want the best for their children,” said Andrea Fredmonski, founder of
STEAM City Kids. “Our institute is perfect for entrepreneurs who strive to create a brighter future for the

STEAM City Kids strives to inspire children through lesson plans disguised as entertaining activities that
encompass science, technology, engineering, art, and math. In addition to providing our in-house
STEAM-based curriculum, we offer a diverse array of services that include the following:

• Girl Scouts Badge Program: We provide opportunities for Girl Scouts to earn badges in the fields
of: nature, animals, space, arts & crafts, and robotics.
• Homeschool Fridays: We reserve each Friday for homeschooled students only, giving them the
opportunity to socialize with other homeschooled students.
• No School Days: Perfect for parents with busy schedules, students can be dropped off at our
facility on days when public schools are closed.
• Birthday Parties: With three themes to choose from (Live Animals, Science Lab, Robotics),
parents can host an unforgettable birthday experience at STEAM City Kids.
• Family Night (STEM Fairs): This service invites families to engage in fun learning activities with
their children, creating lasting memories that both parents and children will cherish forever.

This has led to a flood of critical acclaim. Satisfied teachers and parents generate more business through
word-of-mouth referrals, creating a marketing form all on its own. As a STEAM City Kids franchisee,
immerse yourself in the fulfilling, heart-warming work that comes with making a difference in children’s
lives. Become the influence children need to be intelligent leaders of tomorrow by becoming a part of
STEAM City Kids today.

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