Toronto, ON. June 2019 – It is no secret that hair is only valued when it sprouts from the scalp and the faces of men. Excessive hair growth located in any other part of the body is deemed taboo and undesirable. For over twenty years, Sugarmoon Salon has guided clients through several cosmetic services that include hair removal through body sugaring, hair and skin tinting, organic facials, and sunless spray tans. We believe in promoting a body positive (Bo-Po) environment for both women and men, as it results in happy customers and massive success. This allowed Sugarmoon Salon to grow from one tiny salon to multiple locations across Toronto with a loyal clientele. We’ve become the city’s premier hair removal salon, with plans to become the hair removal staple for your area through franchising opportunities!

Paola Girotti, founder of Sugarmoon Salon, sought out help from franchising guru Hossein Kasmai at Franchise Creator. Together they developed a streamlined franchise program that sets franchisees in the optimal position to begin making quick returns on their investments. “Hossein’s consulting is the reason I made the leap to franchise my concept,” said Paola. “His expertise provided me with the confidence I needed to take my business to the next level.”


At Sugarmoon Salon, we share an inclusive view of beauty: everyone should be able to approach self-care with their own needs in mind – we never enforce beauty standards on anyone. Sugarmoon’s success starts with our impeccable customer service, by diverting all our efforts into empowering women to be the best they can be in an honest, positive, and supportive workplace. All of our staff members are certified Sugarists that specialize in hair removal and other aesthetic procedures with eco-certified organic ingredients and oils. Made with only lemon juice, sugar, and water, our sugaring paste is suitable for every skin type and gentle enough for the entire body. Each procedure leaves skin feeling outwardly smooth, soft skin and a renewed sense of inner beauty. In addition to our aesthetic services, we sell 100% organic beauty products in-store and online, and complete a wholesome beauty experience with our Sugarmoon Academy®. For 17 years, Sugarmoon Salon has been empowering women with the sound teachings of the Art of Body Sugaring.

About Franchise Creator

Franchise Creator provides a comprehensive line of services supporting businesses through the process of franchising their concept. Founded by Mr. Hossein Kasmai in Miami, FL, Franchise Creator helped convert over 150 businesses into well recognized franchise brands. Mr. Kasmai has launched many successful concepts of his own that have been ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine among the Top 500 franchises for six years in a row and the Top 100 fastest-growing franchises for two years in a row. For more information about Franchise Creator, please visit the company website at or call 305-592-9229.