Surprise, AZ. June 2019 – Hearing the word “Japanese food” can evoke thoughts of sushi, tempura, and
miso soup. However, there’s a frosty side to Japanese cuisine that is oft snubbed by its warmer
counterparts. Sumo Snow is freezing the competition in their tracks with an ice-cold menu of premium
teas imported from Japan and Taiwan, shaved snow, smoothies, and Asian-inspired desserts. After
working five years at her mother’s pho restaurant, Avina Pham partnered with Kevin Nguyen (both in
business and matrimony!) to launch Sumo Snow in 2017. With substantial experience in the food
industry, they’ve grown their business in response to a demand that can only be answered by
franchising their concept!

Sumo Snow’s franchise program was developed by Franchise Creator, a Miami-based franchise
consulting firm, led by Hossein Kasmai, a well-recognized name in the franchise industry. “Hossein’s
wisdom in franchising provided a stress-free process for Kevin and I,” said Avina Pham, co-founder of
Sumo Snow. “With Franchise Creator assisting us, franchisees will have no problem finding success with
our concept given the massive demand for our unique products!”

Just like sumo wrestlers, Avina and Kevin desired their concept to be a colossal force. They realized the
majority of boba tea shops don’t know how to make Taiwanese shaved snow. Given a severe lack of
shaved snow ingredient suppliers in the U.S., Avina and Kevin capitalized on the opportunity and began
refining their shaved snow recipe through innumerable trials and errors. The result? A light, fluffy textured ice cream sweetened by fruits that can only be made in-house, allowing Sumo Snow to control the quality of ingredients for each block of snow. Sumo Snow’s game changer comes from their
“Featured Dessert” menu that changes weekly. These innovative, handcrafted fusions put a twist on
traditional delicacies such as: ube cream puffs, ube mochi donuts, Indonesian pillow crepes, dessert
ramen, ube & pandan cake rolls, Asian-inspired French macaroons, acai bowls, matcha tiramisu, matcha
cheese cake, Japanese raindrop cake, cream filled croissants and more. Not only is Sumo Snow designing
new desserts, they’re marketing them to reflect current trends in society, ensuring their business is here
to stay.

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