Miami, FL. August 2019 – Life is full of ups and downs, making insurance crucial in order to feel secure
and confident when moving on after an incident. Every day, people are bombarded with advertisements
for endless insurance companies, making the process of choosing the best coverage excruciatingly
overwhelming. Enter Sunplex Insurance. Founded by Alejandro Hernandez and Marielsa Gonzalez in
2010, SunPlex Insurance is an independent insurance agency based in Miami, Florida that specializes in
personal, commercial, and health insurance services. After nine years of providing the community of
Miami with exceptional customer service, Alejandro and Marielsa are expanding their concept through
franchise opportunities!

Franchise Creator reached out to Alejandro and Marielsa after recognizing their astonishing success to
develop a resourceful franchise program proficient in placing franchisees on a fast track to success.
“Sunplex’s business model has been proven to stand the test of time within a crowded industry,” said
Hossein Kasmai, CEO of Franchise Creator. “I look forward to the success that will ensue from their
decision to franchise their concept.”

Sunplex Insurance is not your traditional insurance provider – rather, they are brokers committed to
pairing their clients with the most optimal plan. Instead of providing exclusive coverage plans, Sunplex
analyzes the insurance market to find the best plans from the most reputable insurance providers. This
means clients have an extensive range of coverage options to choose from. Through the utilization of
third-party providers, Sunplex coordinates their clients with the following plans:

• Automobile Insurance
• Homeowners Insurance
• Commercial Insurance
• Health Insurance
• Trucking Insurance
• General Liability Insurance
• Flood Insurance

Insurance is essential for all living necessities such as home, auto, and health – meaning this is a market
that is never going to evaporate. Between 2014 and 2019, there has been an annual growth in the
insurance industry, totaling a projected revenue in the U.S. of $167 billion in 2019. Out of the 425,000+
insurance agencies in existence, stand out in the forefront by investing in a Sunplex Insurance franchise
and become the neighborhood beacon for all insurance needs!

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