Miami, FL. June 2019 – Hosting a child’s birthday party at a skating rink, bowling alley, arcade,
or amusement center has become stale. The Slime Factory offers a fresh and innovative
experience for children and parents of all ages. Since September 2018, we’ve provided an
environment where children are welcome to become scientists in a whacky laboratory designed
to create all kinds of slime. Donned in white lab coats and protective goggles, children engage
in the creation of slime by using Maddie Rae’s slime recipes. One session at The Slime Factory is
guaranteed to create lasting memories for you and your child, as well as a goopy souvenir that’s
a blast to play with!

At The Slime Factory, safety comes first. All slime recipes consist of school-grade craft supplies
and non-hazardous household products. Our most common ingredients include Maddie Rae’s
PVA Glue (white and clear), contact lens solution, baking soda, shaving cream, Sta-Flo, water,
and non-toxic paint.

Children have the option to make two kinds of slimes: Fluffy (shaving cream and Sta-Flo) and
Clear (contact lens solution). Once their slime comes into fruition, our kiddy scientists move on
to our topping station where we provide optional ingredients like glitter, fragrance oils (to add
scent), foam beads, slime beads, charms, snow, slime clay and foil to add texture.
In addition to slime creation, we offer slime lovers the opportunity to immerse in a sensorial
experience with a gooey slime pool and features a photo booth with plenty of photo
opportunities ideal for sharing on social media. At the end of the experience, each child will
receive a certificate that certifies them as a Master of Slime.

Establishing your own Slime Factory requires an initial investment that ranges from $107,450 to
$215,900 depending on the location. Expenditures will cover a one-time franchise fee, initial
inventory, location expenses, licenses and permits, and additional business necessities.

The Slime Factory offers a comprehensive training program at our location in Miami, FL. The
course includes 30 classroom hours and 50 hours in-store training at our location. After two
weeks, franchisees should be prepared to operate their own Slime Factory successfully. Our
team also provides you with a personal consultant to guide you through the process of opening
your location and making sure all operations run smoothly.

The educational and creative qualities of The Slime Factory make it the ideal destination for
children’s birthday parties, field trips, or an opportunity to create vivid memories through the
production of gooey slime. If you’re interested in providing an unorthodox outlet for youthful
expression, call Franchise Creators today to learn how you can open your own Slime Factory in
your neighborhood.