Newhall, CA. September 2019 – The wellness industry is built from many components of medicine that
are now conflicting with each other. The prices and side effects of pharmaceuticals, coupled with the
current opioid epidemic, are driving more people towards safe, organic medicine and treatments.
Jenifer Felan is no stranger to health, nutrition, and the predatory nature of big pharma. After her body
shut down while instructing her spinning class, her journey towards wellness was riddled with medical
professionals who pushed nothing but pills, until she met Dr. Jonathan Wright. After he recommended
an in-home sauna, Jenifer’s symptoms vanished within two weeks and inspired her to spread the
wellness through her own venture. The Sweat Shack,® founded in 2015 by Jenifer and her husband
Mark, is a sweat boutique that specializes in infrared heat treatment. It only took four years for The
Sweat Shack® to garner a demand for more locations that is now possible through franchising!

Jenifer and Mark reached out to Hossein Kasmai, CEO of Franchise Creator, to expand their reach.
Through the development of a comprehensive and streamlined franchise program, The Sweat Shack® is
now a reputable business to invest in! “Between juggling my responsibilities as a business owner, a
fitness instructor, and a mother of six, it seemed impossible to open a second location,” said Jenifer.
“Franchising helped us expand The Sweat Shack without spreading myself too thin!”

As a certified organic health practitioner, Jenifer bases her practice on treating the body as a “functioning whole” and not just a zero-sum approach to the symptoms. At The Sweat Shack®, our mission is to love, serve, and bless others in all aspects of their health. All of The Sweat Shack’s® services are designed with a patient’s health and general well-being in mind. The Sweat Shack unites cuttingedge natural infrared sauna procedures with chromotherapy, halotherapy, and aromatherapy to provide a wholistic, all-organic treatment to mend a plethora of ailments. The Sweat Shack sauna units are constructed with British Colombia Old Growth Western Red Cedar and are equipped with low-EMF Tecoloy heaters designed for sauna use (not food heaters like our competitors!) and state-of-the-art LED panels. Packaged with an array of essential oils for aromatherapy, The Sweat Shack stands at the forefront of the sauna industry!

The growing awareness towards alternative medicine is creating a shift in consumer trends that favors
holistic treatments. 38% of adults in the U.S. participate in complementary and alternative medicine. In
the past 5 years, the U.S. sauna market has grown by 50%, with infrared saunas outpacing traditional
concepts. If you want to provide innovative infrared sauna treatments for your community, contact
Franchise Creator today!

About Franchise Creator
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