Concord, CA. June 2019 – One of the biggest contributors to derailing a healthy diet is poor time
management. With daily schedules becoming increasingly hectic, the lack of time to prepare wholesome
meals results in eating unhealthy alternatives from restaurants and food stands. Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar
is erupting from the depths of start-up restaurants with their fast- casual poke bowl concept! Offering a
menu of vibrant poke bowls and exotic boba teas, Uncle Sharkii strives to be the crutch to people’s
nutritional desires whenever they’re in need of a meal. Waves of high demand from customers have
forced our hand to expand our Hawaiian-Asian fusion flavors through franchise opportunities!
Uncle Sharkii Poke Bowl teamed up with Franchise Creators to produce an efficient franchise program
that simplifies the business owning process for potential franchisees. “Under the guidance of Hossein
[CEO of Franchise Creator], we felt confident every step of the way during the franchising process,” says
Fenny Reyes, co-founder of Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar.

Fenny and Raymond Reyes created the concept in 2019 during a family dinner. Their daughter, Melody,
was given a plush shark by her uncle upon meeting him for the first time, resulting in the foundation of
the Uncle Sharkii brand. Food. Family. Simplicity. We see through our values with an all-inclusive menu
that includes a signature Uncle Sharkii recipe, ahi tuna, salmon, shrimp, spicy scallops, and tofu.
Customers can wash their meals and quench their thirst with an array of boba teas with Asian-infused
flavors that include taro milk, honeydew milk, mango, black milk, and jasmine green. While competitors
stuff their menu with options that detract from the quality of a true poke bowl, Uncle Sharkii is
answering the more important question: “How much fish is in my bowl?” What makes Uncle Sharkii
Poke Bar unique is their dedication to keeping their business model streamlined by operating within
kiosks and food courts at malls. Combined with a food concept that requires no expensive kitchen
equipment, Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar is the optimal franchise with low start-up costs and lightning-fast
returns on their return of investments!

Poke bowls are the hottest trending food in the industry in the U.S, with a 355% increase in Google
searches for poke! There is a growing awareness towards healthier alternatives sourced from organic
ingredients when it comes to dining out. Poke bowls are both healthy, organic, delicious, and when
made by Uncle Sharkii, convenient.vIndustry statistics show that raw seafood restaurants will earn a
national combined revenue of $22 billion from approximately 18,650 restaurants. Since 2014, there has
been an annual 4.8% growth in the industry, indicating that poke bowl concepts will become
mainstream in the fast-casual industry soon! If operating an Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar sounds appealing,
contact Franchise Creator today!

About Franchise Creator:
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convert over 150 businesses into well recognized franchise brands. Mr. Kasmai has launched many
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