Fort Lauderdale, FL. June 2019 – Vegan Fine Foods is a triple-threat retailer dedicated to offering
customers the broadest range of organic, plant-based products at affordable prices while providing firstclass customer service. We offer over 3,000 grocery items plus specialty café, deli and bakery products. Our sub-entities, Vegan Fine Café and Vegan Fine Body, provide 100% vegan ready-to-eat products and
100% vegan body care products, respectively. Through our hand-curated selection of local, national, and
international vegan products, Vegan Fine Foods earned a spot as a finalist for the “2018 Retailer of the
Year” award at the Natural Products Expo East. We offer the best 100% plant based brands with
awesome deals and prompt delivery.

Our mission is to make vegan lifestyles and plant-based diets accessible to everyone. Aiming to a fill a
massive gap in a growing $149 billion market, Vegan Fine Foods offers a unique business model
providing 100% vegan products at low-costs with plans to expand through ecommerce. Given the
growing awareness towards veganism and eco-friendly products, Vegan Fine Foods is answering popular
demands with an excellent variety of delicious flavors to satisfy both client cravings and mission to be
green. As a Vegan Fine Foods franchisee, you can be your own boss and embrace the fulfillment of
shifting public perception towards vegan products and support an environmental agenda to better the

Franchisees interested in operating their own Vegan Fine Foods branch have three options to choose

• Vegan Fine Foods – (Franchise Fee: $35,000 / Total Investment: $245,500 – $458,500)
• Vegan Fine Café – (Franchise Fee: $29,000 / Total Investment: $171,400 – $325,900)
• Vegan Fine Body – (Franchise Fee: $29,000 / Total Investment: $95,900 – $176,900)

Total Investment prices for all three options vary depending on location, with expenses covering
essential business necessities including inventory, property leases, permits and licenses, and POS
systems. Our Vegan Fine Foods development team relieves franchisees of the stress accompanied with
selecting a location and constructing the store by handling all of the responsibilities. Once the store is
ready, we hand over the key for you to begin your new venture.

Vegan Fine Foods franchisees are required to complete a training program tailored for each franchise
option, with each program composed of classroom training at our headquarters in Fort Lauderdale and
on-site training.

• Vegan Fine Foods – (Classroom: 20 hours / On-Site: 60 hours)
• Vegan Fine Café – (Classroom: 10 hours / On-Site: 30 hours)
• Vegan Fine Body – (Classroom: 10 hours / On-Site: 30 hours)

All this will build up to your grand opening, teaching you everything you need to know to successfully
operate your own store, including compliances, bookkeeping, and marketing your franchise.

Owning a Vegan Fine Foods spares you from the difficult aspects of franchising. We provide a corporate
team to evaluate new products and services to help maximize sales and margins for all our locations.
Our endeavors to maintain a pristine brand will push your location towards success without stressing
you as a franchisee. If you’re passionate about veganism and eco-friendly lifestyles, call Franchise
Creators today and ask how you can provide your community with healthier alternatives to groceries,
cafes, and body products.